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The family-run business Centonze "Case di Latomie" is located in Castelvetrano City area, just 7 Km away from Selinunte. It can count on 37 hectares of fenced land cultivated with organic method. Moreover, it is a welcoming Country House with 27 rooms and 85 beds accommodation totally; it is equipped with all the comforts including: two swimming pools, wellness center, meeting and banquets room, a typical restaurant with traditional Sicilian foods get from the surrounding areas, scenic terrace, children’s playground area with a small wooden house on the tree, small zoo with courtyard animals. We organize educational focused on the extra-virgin olive oil production.

The company name is coming from the term ‘Latomie’, that you can find inside the property. "Latomie" are the ancient quarries, which ancient Greek people left in 800 B.C. in this place and where they used to extract huge blocks of tuff stone used to build their biggest colony of the Western, the magnificent Selinunte (It already counted 80.000 inhabitants at that time).

The history tells us that Greek people introduced the first wild olive trees in the western area of the Mediterranean Sea. They already knew this plant, due to their proximity with Persia and Syria country, places where the olive tree is native. They also knew how to get, from the olives, a kind of combustible paste used to light up their cities and houses by using braziers and oil lamps. This reason pushed them to cultivate olive trees in the new colonized area. It was so, for many centuries as long as Greek people were thrown out and Sicily dominated by Arab people. At that time, they had advanced agricultural knowledge, so they started to cultivate the olive tree methodically, introducing the first grafting techniques, which modified the genetics of this plant over time..

A short summery, just to say that "Case di Latomie" is one of the first places of the Mediterranean Sea, where the olive tree arrived and has been cultivated. Inside the property there are several centuries-old olive trees, one especially is over 1200 years old (Saracen Olive Trees). Some of these trees are completely melded with the tuff rock, giving unique and extraordinary shapes. Morever the olive plants are studied and classified by the University of Palermo and by the Sicilian wine and oil Regional Istitute.

One of the most succeed factors of the Centonze Oil "Case di Latomie" is its sweet taste, although it is got from an olive variety (Nocellara del Belice) well-know for its pungent and bitter taste. The secret of this sweetness comes from the natural tuff rocks, where the olive trees are growing and not in the ground. In this way they are taking minerals from the tuff rocks and transfer to the olives, giving to the oil this particular taste.

Centonze Oil has got many awards and certifications, they can be consulted on the official web site

The company is reviewed on the most important oil guidebook: Flos Olei, Slow Food, Gambero Rosso, Terre d’olio, Bibenda, Monocultivar Olive Oil, Biol, Morgantinon ...

Thanks to its landscape "archeo-olive", to the centuries-old olive trees of Nocellara del Belice cultivated with organic way and thanks to the low environmental impact of its production, the Centonze farm has been declared "Slow Food Presidium of Extra Virgin Olive Oil", on May 2015.
This very important award is held only by 26 olive oil farms in Italy.


Slow Food Flos Olei 2001 Monocultivar Olive Oil Gambero Rosso Merum Bibenda Sua Eccellenza Italia Terre d'Olio Morgantinon AVPA Parigi AIPO Sol 2008 Orciolo d'Oro Leone d'Oro Cibus Biol Olio Capitale Olea Giro Gustando Agriturist Expo Sicilia
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