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The harvest

It begins in early October and can last until mid-November or longer depending on weather and climate. Timing is very important because if the olives are not picked at the right time, this may compromise the quality of the oil that can be obtained. The best olives are hand-picked to be cold pressed within 4/12 hours from collection and then turn into oil.

Delivery and Cleaning

Immediately after harvesting, the olives are transported to the processing plant in perforated plastic boxes to ensure quality. They are processed for milling and cleaned of dust, twigs and foliage. Then they are washed with cold water and passed on vibrating grids to eliminate remaining impurities.


The transition from olive to oil is accomplished through three phases:

  1. Breaking
  2. Chopping
  3. Extraction

Each of these operations must be conducted under the best conditions to encourage the total oil extraction. It is essential in producing a good olive oil to keep perfectly clean every part of our olive press.

In a continuous cycle system the breaking is conducted by modern hammer crushers which press the olives on a perforated cylinder. During the chopping, olives are chopped evenly, taking care that the temperature never exceeds 27 ° C. We use the cold-press system. This allows the fruit, gently pressed, to produce an oil with very high density, bright green colour, with a herbal, spicy aroma and fruity taste.

Filtering is done after few days of natural decanting.

Storage and Bottling

Oil, for the protection of quality, is stored in stainless steel containers and under a nitrogen seal at a constant temperature until bottling, also in a nitrogen atmosphere.
This ensures optimal storage conditions of the product.


Pruning is done by hand in an accurate way with the knowledge that this is a result of a tradition handed down through generations. It allows us to obtain large, pulpy olives that give high quality oil. Pruning begins in early February and is done by specialized personnel.


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